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Empowering Young Minds

WHAT WE DO: Service


Building a Better Future

Refining Fire Atlanta’s seven core values serve as the foundation of our empowerment component. These core values are summarized in the organization’s creed which states, “With integrity, respect, and compassion—we vow to be great leaders who are an example of excellence, teamwork, and respect. We will be courageous as we impact and serve our communities through the art of dance, mentorship, and outreach. WE are the future. WE are Refining Fire!”


Creative Art Therapy

Making a Difference One Child at a Time

Creative Art therapy is used as a mechanism for youth to creatively express themselves. Our three art therapy programs, “Paint Through It”, “Write Through It”, and “Dance Through It” provide youth with the opportunity to determine which art form best helps them to mentally and emotionally express themselves. By merging creativity and empowerment, RFA is improving the holistic well-being of our mentees by providing them with positive outlets through the arts.

Graduation Ceremony

Educational Initiative

Molding Future Leaders

Through our education initiatives youth participate in activities designed to meet their academic needs. Exposure to these opportunities have the potential to shift the trajectory of their lives and place them on a path that is successful and prosperous. For foster, low-income, and at-risk youth, having access to educational opportunities empowers them to overcome societal barriers and injustices that they are faced with everyday.

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