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Core Values

With integrity, respect and compassion—we vow to be great leaders who are an example of excellence, teamwork and respect. We will be courageous as we impact and serve our communities through the art of dance, mentorship and outreach. WE are the future.

WE are Refining Fire!


Accountability: We will answer to the outcomes from our choices, behaviors, and actions.

Integrity: We will be reliable. We will do the right thing. We will be honest and have strong moral values.

Respect: We will treat others with kindness and a deep admiration. We will be courteous and show elegance and grace for those around us. We will hold others in high regard.

Compassion: We will be motivated to help physically, spiritually, or emotionally damaged or hurt people. Compassion is built on the principles of fairness and justice. It allows us to empathize with those who have been disheartened and misused.

Leadership: We will help both ourselves and others do the right things. We set direction, build inspiring ideas, and create new thoughts.

Excellence: We will push ourselves hard in order to surpass others expectations and to excel in everything that we do. We will be proud of our achievements, and let our confidence shine through.

Service: We will be selfless cheerfully and wholeheartedly. We will show our favor through kindness and good will.

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