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Art Therapy

Committed to Making a Difference

Art therapy has the ability to facilitate a positive perspective on one’s life. For foster and at-risk youth, this is critical because oftentimes a change in perspective is what is needed to give them hope. Art therapy also encourages youth to develop healthy coping strategies, resulting in them having the ability to effectively work through difficult situations.

  • During the “Paint Through It” sessions we work with a group of approximately 30 youth. We provide them with individual canvases to create a picture reflective of their current thoughts and emotions. At the end of each session youth have the opportunity to give a voice to their artwork and explain the meaning behind their painting.

  • "Write Through It" gives youth a positive outlet for their emotions. Whether they are journaling, writing poems, raps or songs. These breakthrough sessions are particularly transformative for the youth who have difficulty verbally expressing themselves. 

  • The “Dance Through It” sessions conducted at the facilities and group homes are conducted as a full-day workshop that teaches youth the various forms of dance. We teach youth to connect with each dance piece and use their body movements to convey their suppressed emotions.

"Paint Through It!"      "Write Though It!"     "Dance Through It!"

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