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Individual Sessions

The Power is Within

Choosing to heal and grow alongside Refining Perceptions is more than a choice, but a mission to see a better tomorrow. We want to break mental health barriers, heal adults from trauma, and incorporate theological teachings to enhance the healing process. If you are suffering from negative thoughts, self-doubt, and destructive beliefs that make it hard for you to experience joy in your life, we’d like to help you reduce and eliminate those beliefs from your life. Our practice is devoted to addressing beliefs and behaviors that are causing you anxiety and other problems related to stress, work, and family. 

Let Us Help You Refine Your Perceptions!

Don't Give Up!

• Evaluations & Assessments
• Personal growth
• Life & relationship coaching
• Grief and loss counseling
• Treatment for anxiety, panic and phobias
• Counseling for depression, discouragement and adjustment
• Anger management
• Trauma counseling 
• Health & fitness coaching
• Long-term psychotherapy
• Specialists in gay, lesbian and transgender issues
• Treatment for alcoholism & alcohol abuse
• Treatment for addictions & substance abuse


Loss and Grief


Bipolar Depression

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Anger Managment

Sexual and Physical Trauma

Post Partum Depression

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