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Our path to reopening and our commitment to safety

Refining Perceptions has begun the process of opening our offices for in-person treatment. We are considering the most effective methods to offer our services in person that will ensure the safety of our clients and staff. We recognize this will be a slow and steady process, and yet we are committed to provide the most helpful treatment to our clients. For some, this may require a in-person meetings.

Here are the steps that Refining Perceptions is putting in place to minimize the risk of exposure and to maintain open communication to our clients and staff.

For clients returning to our office in-person

Per CDC guidelines, clients will be asked to take their temperatures upon arrival of every session in the office. They will also be contacted by our front desk on the day of the appointment to complete a brief symptom assessment before each in-person appointment. In some cases, individual therapists may complete these screenings with their clients.


Clients coming in for an in-person appointment will be asked this set of questions:

1) Have you traveled outside the metro Atlanta area to a setting where social distancing was not practiced?

2) Have you had contact with anyone with COVID-19 in the past 2 weeks?

3) Have you had any of these symptoms in the past 2 weeks?

Fever greater than 100

​Difficulty breathing


4) Do you currently have a fever, difficulty breathing or a cough?

If a client’s temperature is within normal range and the client has answered no to the screening questions, the client may receive in-person therapy in the office.

If a client has answered yes to any of the questions and/or their temperature elevated above normal range, Refining Perceptions asks that the client coordinates with his or her therapist to utilize teletherapy for the scheduled session.

Refining Perceptions has closed the waiting room to lessen the spread of COVID-19. When a session is ready to begin, the client will be contacted by his or her therapist. Clients will be asked to remain outside the office until that time.

Clients will be asked to wear a mask before entering the office. Refining Perceptions will provide a mask if a client does not have one available. We ask that clients and therapists wear masks during their session.

Our communication plan


If a client suspects or confirms that he or she has coronavirus and has been in our office, Refining Perceptions asks that the client contact the office immediately so that we can inform others who may have been potentially exposed.

Per CDC requirements, Refining Perceptions will communicate with clients if a client has been potentially exposed to the coronavirus while in our office. We will communicate with clients by e-mail if the client was in the office at the same time as a person who has a suspected or confirmed case of coronavirus. Refining Perceptions staff will also be contacted about a potential exposure to the virus.  

If you receive a test and results, please provide the results to your therapist as soon as possible.

If a client begins to experience coronavirus symptoms (coughing, fever, shortness of breath) and is scheduled for a session in the office, Refining Perceptions asks that the client cancels the appointment. The client may reach out to his or her individual therapist for a session via telehealth.


If a client becomes ill during a session, the therapist and client can attempt to resume the session via teletherapy and/or reschedule.

If a client is diagnosed with the coronavirus, the CDC recommends that isolation be maintained for at least 10 days after illness onset and at least three days after recovery. Once this timeframe passes, a client may restart therapy sessions in the office.


Refining Perceptions asks that family members of clients who have been in our office follow the same guidelines. 


Guidelines for Refining Perceptions staff

If a Refining Perceptions staff member falls ill and cannot continue to work, the therapist’s clients will be contacted immediately. Clients will be offered the choice to meet with another therapist or to resume treatment once their therapist returns to work.


Refining Perceptions staff will be asked to take their temperatures each day before coming into the office. They will be asked to remain home if their temperature is elevated above normal range.

Refining Perceptions staff will also be asked to fill out a symptom checklist each day before they come into the office.

Refining Perceptions staff will use hand sanitizer before and after each session and will wear a mask while in the office. They will wipe down surfaces between each client with disinfectant spray. Staff will also be asked to maintain a distance of 6 ft. from clients and other staff at all times.

As always, please feel free to reach out to your therapist or to our front desk at any time at (470) 219-1472.

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