RFA aims to improve the social, emotional, and holistic well-being of our mentees through our three pillars: mentoring, outreach, and dance. Our goal is to empower the youth and young adults that we serve and encourage them to seek positive outlets through the arts. Through mentorship and outreach, we teach leadership and life skills using dance as the integral mechanism. Many youth in foster care have endured painful and traumatic experiences which have caused them to be uncomfortable with speaking about their past. Dance is a pillar of RFA’s programming. This outlet gives our youth the opportunity to participate in dance therapy. Our dance therapy sessions serve as a safe space for youth to release the negative residual effects of their past and leave it all on the floor. They are able to gain relief by dancing through their sadness, depression, anger, and other challenges.
RFA’s core values are: respect, integrity, accountability, leadership, compassion, service, and excellence. With these core values, we are fostering a fun, creative, and challenging learning experience through dance. We strive to build self-esteem and confidence, increase the high school graduation rate, and reduce the rate of teenage pregnancy and risky behavior among foster and at-risk youth through creative programming.
RFA utilizes their volunteers and members of the Refining Fire Institute (RFI) to host events and outings for other at risk youth. RFI seeks to perform throughout the Metro Atlanta area, the state and even nationwide.  It is important that we provide the youth in our dance company the ability to share their gifts and talents with the world. For more info about RFI please email

*Lyrical  *Pageantry and Theatrics  *Flags and Tambourines  *Mime   *Hip Hop  *African Dance