Breaking the Silence

Breaking the Silence


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Abuse. Neglect. Rape. Prostitution. Molestation. Drugs. Gunshots. Suicide. When you look at Jonita McKinney, because of her outward beauty and infectious personality, these aren’t words that might come to mind about her; truthfully though these are words that can describe what she endured the first 20 years of her life. Born in rundown East St. Louis, in 1987, early on in life, things weren’t all bad but just a few short years into Nita’s life, things started to unravel. In Breaking The Silence, author Jonita McKinney takes you as a passenger on her journey. Jonita, referred to as Nita throughout the book, candidly shares her traumatic experiences that eventually led her to foster care and life as a teenage mother. Nita’s story is heart-wrenching, yet her resilience leaves you inspired. She’s a survivor through and through. Time and time again, you will see her fall but you will also see God pick her up and teach her that even her pain has purpose. Jonita believes that you can’t combat what you can’t confront. Breaking The Silence forces you to confront generational curses; things that have plagued families for years. Jonita literally breaks her silence so that you have the courage to break the curses abounding in your families today! Though Nita’s experiences are bound to leave you completely heartbroken and afraid for her, it is important that you see God’s hand in every word and each chapter. God combined the shattered pieces of Nita’s past into a beautiful mosaic; a work of art; a solid foundation upon which Jonita continues to build her future, changing lives and exuding purpose in each and every interaction. Breaking The Silence will change you. It will empower you to break your silence too. It will show you that no matter what life brings you to, God’s power will always get you through.


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