Refining Fire -Atlanta, Inc. (RFA) is changing the world ONE heart, ONE child, ONE person in need at a time by providing mentoring, outreach, and dance programs to develop healthy, stable, and long-term relationships with foster children, at-risk youth, and young adults, ages 6-17, in the greater Metro Atlanta area.
RFA serves over 300 foster and at-risk youth per month. Through monthly events and empowerment sessions, RFA builds self-esteem, provides healthy and positive outlets, teaches youth essential interpersonal, decision making, leadership, and life skills.
RFA ensures that each event and/or empowerment session is tailored to meet the specific needs of the demographic we are serving. All of the activities are designed to be interactive which allows youth to build self-confidence while simultaneously strengthening their interpersonal skills through peer-to-peer engagement.
Through RFA’s programs, foster and at-risk youth receive the resources and tools needed to excel emotionally, mentally, socially, financially, and academically. Youth are empowered through our organization’s three pillars and seven core values. We charge the youth with the task of using what they have learned during their time with RFA to empower themselves and the next generation. Not only do we introduce them to dance as therapy, but we also instill in them what will hopefully become a life-long love for the arts in general.
The results of our programs are achieved through our group and one-on-one mentoring, life coaching, career and college placement, life skills training, and the Dandelion Initiative. Through RFA’s dance therapy sessions the youth are provided a healthy outlet to combat depression, anxiety, anger and other challenges they face in everyday situations. We expose our youth to a variety of positive events every month in an effort to make them feel a sense of normalcy and to broaden their worldview.


Your testimony could be the gateway to someone else’s breakthrough! Through Dance, Outreach and Mentoring RFA seeks to empower those who were once broken, abused, and misunderstood. Click Below to find out more.